• Adults Thriving in your profesional life

    The better you feel about your occupation and the more creative and productive you are, the better your personal and professional lives will get.

  • StudentsCoaching tailored to your own goals

    At the decisive moments of your life, the choices made, your motivation and the results obtained will have a crucial influence on the rest of your life.

  • CompagniesTailored career coaching

    Your employees are your most important asset.By accompanying and guiding them through their professional development, they will feel as part of the team, will be satisfied with their work and will provide their skills to develop your company.

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Why Motiv-up ?

Motiv-up provides you with:

  • A complete approach,

    which covers various matters such as school and career orientation, motivation, self-confidence work methods. In short, everything necessary to move in the right direction and to give yourself all the chances to get there.
  • A concrete approach,

    which will provide you with real-life tools and methods. People are personally involved and naturally integrate the information and the process.
  • A practical approach,

    which offers you guidance to identify your options; this allows you to identify your first choice as well as back-up plans.
  • A targeted approach,

    with specific objectives; studies have shown that people who have well-defined objectives are more involved and achieve better results.
  • A personalised approach,

    as the technics are selected and tailored to each profile.

Accompanying you

Chantal Cockaerts

After 5 years of University studies, a Master's Degree in business and management and a qualification for teaching in Secondary Schools, Chantal worked for over 30 years in various industries such as reinsurance, food-processing and leisure real estate. Chantal was also an active member of the Junior Chamber of Monaco and became the first female President in 1989.
Then, Chantal decided to change her career and went through a period of self- questioning and self-observation regarding her reorientation, her motivation and her self- confidence.
After training to be accredited to use an orientation test adapted to both students and professionals which helped herself as well as her children in facing their own challenges, she qualified in several individual, student and corporate coaching techniques. Adding to her own personal and professional experiences as well as her personal research, these qualifications enabled Chantal to create Motiv-up.